How to create the perfect bedroom

The perfect bedroom in just 3 steps

Recently we were invited to design a three-bedroom apartment in the center of Barcelona. Here is some advice in case you would love to upgrade yours a little bit….

Step 1: Inviting colors

Nothing as personal as color, but to make the bedroom a quiet and inviting whole, soft colors and warm tones are recommended. Mixing is fine, as long as the colors are close together. Dark blue, old red and pale green are good choices for a serene look. Always go for one basic color that comes back a bit more often and supplement this with a maximum of two accent colors.

In this apartment we used green as a basic color and added some more colors by using three different colorful wallpapers. Which one do you like best?

Step 2: Green!

Plants are not only beautiful, they are also very healthy, especially in the bedroom. Fresh green cleans the air in the bedroom and provides extra oxygen, which in turn contributes to a good night's sleep. Every plant is actually suitable for next to the bed, but there are varieties that bring a little extra. For example, lavender lowers the stress level, the Sansevieria is strong and releases oxygen during the night and the Bromeliad (also called pineapple plant) would even help against snoring.

It was a little difficult for us to find these plants, so we opted for greenery on the wall of wallpaper brand
KEK Amsterdam!

Step 3: Layers

Create volume by making the bed layered. Drape a plaid over the foot end or use two duvets and put a different cover around each duvet (in the same color scheme) for a luxurious feeling. Double the number of pillows and alternate with covers, or use decorative pillows to complete the hotel feeling.

Tip: nothing nicer than fresh bedding, but washing every day is a little too much don’t you think?

Step 4: Choose luxury materials

By choosing the right material you can give the bedroom that little bit extra. Alternate with coarse and delicate fabrics and combine mat with glossy for a lush look. Many duvet covers are made of cotton, but also think of a slightly shiny cotton satin or a nice velvet pillow like we used here.  


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